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About Us


SHOPSHARI is a Trinidadian brand inspired by print. The essence of the brand is based on cultural inspiration reflecting the beauty and diversity of our people through design and the use of colour and prints particularly the combination of various prints. The brand caters to persons of all ages who are about expressing themselves through fashion while being as comfortable as they can be.

All our clothing items are sure to be made with the lady who loves the pockets in mind. That’s our signature!




Shari Cumberbatch is a graphic designer who possesses a distinct passion for patterns and colours. In 2014, she decided to purchase a sewing machine only to discover that she carried within her a reservoir of hidden talent and abilities. This would subsequently birth the newest addition to Trinidad's fashion industry, Shop Shari.


After working with various design studios, agencies and departments, she decided to devote more time to her self-made company. Apart from the design side of her life, she's also a dedicated mother to her daughter Aaleyah, who has been and continues to be her prime inspiration. She enjoys spending time with her family and will make any excuse to go to the sister isle, Tobago.


Where nature and culture are to be found, design exists and Shari is inspired by all of these elements which impact her love for fashion and design.